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Dec 13, 2011 6:00am PST
. >>> breaking news. this is jerry sandusky's lawyer on the decision of sandusky to waive the pretrial hearing. >> and not being able to real t realistally present a -- the better part of a tactical maneuver would to be waive today's proceeding being very well prepared and realizing we have much of the evidence we would have gained from today's proceeding without proceeding with it and putting everyone to the task of sitting in court for an entire day's worth of court hearings. now having said that, i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> now wait. i want to control this. we can't -- i can't answer five or ten questions. >> ex-penn state coach jerry sandusky spent less than an hour in court this morning. he waived that right to preliminary hearing. sandusky who is facing more than 50 counts of child sex abuse surprised the media by addressing them as he left the building. >> we'll wait for the opportunity to present our side. >> and we couldn't do that today. >> by waiving the hearing, he avoids having to hear from his accusers, having the media report on what the accusers said. the case no
Dec 16, 2011 6:00am PST
appropriately to allegations of child sex abuse involving jerry sandusky. >>> 23-year-old bradley manning has a pretrial hearing at for the meade in maryland to determine if he should be court-martialed on charges of endangering national security. the army private first class is accused of stealing thousands of classified government documents and releasing them to the now famous website, wikileaks. >>> finally, some sad news. christopher hitchens, long-time author, columnist has died after a long battle with cancer. as a contributor to "vanity fair" and "the nation" he was known for his biting sattire, became a popular author with the book "god is great" quite the war correspondent. congress has doonldged a year-e government shutdown thursday night. leaders reached a tentative agreement on a trillion dollar spending bill to keep the federal government open for business despite progress on that front of course lawmakers still have to cut the deal on extending the payroll tax holiday. kelly o'donnell is nbc's capitol hill correspondent. all right. so part one is done. but the payroll tax front,
Dec 9, 2011 6:00am PST
a short time later. >>> dotty sandusky, wife of the former penn state assistant football coach insists allegations that her husband jerry is innocent and that the allegations of child sexual abuse are untrue. mrs. sandusky broke her silence after new accusations from two boys, one of which says she was home while he was assaulted downstairs. >>> and donald trump's reality attempt at a debate might not be big after all. michele bachmann became the final to say no after perry turning down an invitation. just two candidates have said yes. newt gingrich and rick santorum have agreed to attend. we'll see if it still goes on and we'll see if trump really moderates it. >>> the president and first lady hosted a hanukkah celebration at the white house last night admitting they were quote, jumping a gun by holding it 12 days early. my kids wouldn't mind 20 days of hanukkah. he preferred to think of it as extending the holiday spirit. >>> now to the standoff on capitol hill over the payroll tax holiday. president obama warning lawmakers to get the deal done. for more on that and the field, i'm jo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)